Rubber Processing Oil (RPO)

Rubber process oil is mixtures of paraffinic, naphthenic and aromatic compounds of the wide distribution of molecular weight. Rubber process oils used in the rubber industry to enhance the processability of rubbers and rubber compounds and increase the bulk of rubber so as to lower the price.

Aromatic Oils: Generally dark in colour and good compatibility with most Rubber Polymers. It is extensively used in the manufacturing of Automobile Tyres, Tread Rubber, Conveyor Belts, Automotive Components and Floor Mats etc., where the colour of the end product is not important.

Paraffinic Oils: Generally light in colour having a wide viscosity range, higher Aniline and flashpoint. It is extensively used in the manufacturing of butyl tubes, EPDM based rubber products, such as profiles, hose pipe and automotive Components.

Naphthenic Oils: Has a good colour stability, solubility and thermal stability. It is extensively used in the manufacturing of footwear, LPG tubes, hot water bags, moulded and extruded products. It may be used as a Banbury lubricant in Rubber Industries.

Low PCA Oils: A new generation oils meeting EU requirement. It is an MES type of oil having PCA less than 3% as per IP 346.